Wednesday, 28 March 2007

Pot / Kettle Scenario - 28th March,,2001320029-2007140415,00.html

Interesting piece in the TV section of The Sun today.

"CHANNEL 4 was caught up in another scandal last night after admitting its top 100 comedians poll was RIGGED. Producers counted the public votes before the poll had finished — because they suspected dirty tricks by fans. As a result, potentially thousands of votes were not counted towards the March 18 show, won by Billy Connolly."

Rigged polls? Shock! Counting votes before polls had finished? Scandal! What could be worse - except maybe awarding the prizes before the polls opened. The author of this piece could have used an example a bit closer to home, methinks...


secretdubai said...

Supermodel thrill for Rod son

Rod, 62, and Rachel split in 2006.

Penny must be thrilled about that.

Daysleeper said...

What can I say? You've said it all. It's insulting how she doesn't even try to cover her tracks.

Darwin said...

Good spot secretdubai, unfortunately the story isn't under the Bizarre banner on the website, so I can't use it. :O( Top marks still!