Monday, 12 March 2007

Wad's up with you, Robbie? - 12th March,,4-2007110605,00.html

Inside Vicky's head: "Okay, Robbie has been out of rehab for a bit now. I was nice when he was in there, I did the caring sharing crap with the get well cards, but I'm bored of him again. I'll lead off gently and criticise his clothes, mention that his new single 'limped' into the charts, and suggest his career is on the skids. Oh, and to finish off I'll suggest he should get back together with Take That, whose current success I put down as one of the reasons he went into rehab in the first place. Get well soon, Robbie."


James said...

Good to see she's easing him back into her usual tirades of abuse! I'm sure it's all helpful to him, you know. She is, after all, great mates with him. She said so in that interview.

Interesting story appeared on Saturday, by the way. One which works as a nice window on the way in which Vicky sees her role in the world of tinpot showbiz journalism: Kerry laughs at fake sex tape. In it, drug-taking death-threat-sending Mother Of The Year Kerry Katona denies claims that she is the star of a mucky video circulating online. The video, the viewing of which will require a follow-up treatment involving a solution of one part Optrex to two parts Cillit Bang, apparently stars a lookalike.

Vicky's take on it all? "After viewings by several members of the Bizarre team braver than me, I can confirm it is NOT her. Kerry has also laughed off the clip, saying: 'It is not me in the video'"

So what can we learn from this?
1) Vicky hasn't seen the video but her 'team' have, and yet it's Vicky herself who categorically states "I can confirm it is NOT her". Not her team, but her. Go team!
2) The denial by the alleged star of the video comes secondary to Vicky's own words. First Vicky tells us it's a fake, and then as something of an afterthought she adds "Oh, and the woman who the story's actually about has also said it's a fake". This is like the head of Scotland Yard announcing "We firmly believe that the man in custody is Jack the Ripper as his eyes are too close together. Oh yeah, and he also confessed himself to killing a load of hookers."

Jim said...

You missed this classic

From March 5th:,,4-2007100373,00.html

Muse were already booked to open the venue on June 16. They will keep that date.

I bet they are furious their chance of making history has been snatched away.

Cobblers! They were first to announce and it always said they would be one of the first to play, not the first!