Tuesday, 13 March 2007

Oh My, something smells fishy - 13th March


Victoria Newton, The Sun, 13th March 2007: "SHE's always struck me as a Klassy lady. But TV beauty MYLEENE KLASS has revealed she's planning to serve up fish and chips at her wedding. She told me: "I don't want any fancy stuff - fish and chips will do me fine. I've already got a van sorted."

Deborah Ross, The Independent, 6th January 2007: "And, of course, we talk about the forthcoming wedding. She's yet to choose a venue but hopes to do so this month. All she knows is that there will be Guinness on tap, as Graham is Irish, and maybe a fish and chip van, for the fun of it."


James said...


Thought you'd enjoy Vicky's latest Anti-Joss-Stone rant in today's Soaraway - http://www.thesun.co.uk/article/0,,4-2007120084,00.html

Joss's album is 'limping' into the album chart at number, er, 12. Vicky explains that this is all the more embarrassing for Joss because it is being beaten by Ben Mills, Ray Quinn and Simply Red.

What a loser! Joss can't even sell more albums than
- Two acts whose debut albums have been promoted by a 16-week primetime TV show and released in the run-up to Mothers Day
- An act with 20 years worth of fanbase under its belt

Admittedly, I'd rather lick the bottom of Pete Doherty's fridge than listen to anything released by those three artists (or indeed Joss herself), but it seems a bit desperate for Vicky to try and claim that her album is a 'flop' because it's not selling as many copies as three releases which were clearly going to sell vast quantities (even if it will be to people who apparently stopped liking music in 1984).

James said...

Oh, and one other thing - Why is Vicky claiming that it's 'embarrassing' for Joss Stone to be beaten by, in her own odious words, "some of the, er, 'giants' of music"? Wasn't Vicky herself trumpetting the brilliance of one of these "er, 'giants'" when she gave Ray Quinn her full support prior to the X Factor final?

Ray, of course, lost that final. Which makes it all the more ironic when Vicky claims "The past month of (Joss's) career should be bottled and sold to young music hopefuls as an example of how not to do it"

...or they could just be provided with a piece of paper bearing the words "Don't let Victoria Newton back you"

Anonymous said...

Re the Myleene article - personally, I objected to the 'Oh My, She's Fishy'. Not very nice, is it? *wrinkles nose*

Darwin said...

You pre-empted today's post, james! You'll do me out of a 'job'.