Saturday, 31 March 2007

Lennon was art breaker - 31st March,,4-2007140959,00.html

And another fake 'exclusive' from Pete Samson, one of Vicky's many lackeys. This is the same story which was doing the rounds on Thursday and has been reported web-wide since then. Imagine if one day Bizarre had a genuine's easy if you try.

(Screen oh-my-god-he's-been-shot)

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James said...

Old news I know (not that it stops certain 'journalists'), but today's Bizarre is again flogging Carmen Electra. That's Carmen Electra, star of the new film 'I Want Publicity'.

Apparently she's still a lesbian.

Hats off to Vicky though; That Sensitivity training course appears to have had some effect, since she managed to get through an entire four-line article on homosexuality without using the words 'Admitted', 'Confessed', 'Accused' or 'God, it's just disgusting, isn't it? And the Bible says it's wrong, plus it's totally unnatural and I wouldn't want my kids near one of them. I wonder what it's like?'