Monday, 5 March 2007

Madge makes an arresting sight - 5th March,,4-2007100376,00.html

"IS this really MADONNA being led off by a cop? Look a little closer, it is actually the Queen Of Pop having a laugh at GUY-MCA. And the singer giggled like a naughty schoolgirl as she was escorted home by Guy in his camp New York Police Department outfit. You might giggle too if your bloke wore that VILLAGE PEOPLE-style look – complete with moustache."

Hey, NYPD - Vicky thinks you're all gay. Nice comparison to the Village People there. Just a bit unfortunate that the "cop" in that particular group wore a motorcycle helmet, leather jacket, and usually a blue shirt and tight white trousers. And had a goatee and not a moustache. And was black. And straight.


Simon Christmas said...

since when did camp = gay? I'm not going to have to start 'vickywatch watch' am I?

James said...

In Vickywatch's defence, Vicky hasn't shyed away from towing the Sun's party line on the whole 'Camp = Gay = Shameful' thing in the past. Don't forget her dreadful report on the Scissor Sisters' album's massive first-week sales, in which she suggested that readers who knew of men who owned the album should 'Out' them (her words). Because of course a man listening to anything less masculine than Hard-Fi's songs of drinking and shagging is clearly in some sort of musical closet.

So when she uses the word 'Camp' in this article, I feel it comes with her baggage.

Darwin said...

As james says, when it comes to Vicky using the word "camp" she isn't using it to describe the aesthetics of something or deconstruct notions of gender identity - she means "gay". She'd use "poofy" if she could get away with it.