Tuesday, 13 March 2007

It's Sir Paul Mocha-rtney! - 13th March


One problem with plagiarism is that if the person you are copying from makes mistakes, and you don't bother to check what you're copying, you're liable to repeat those errors. Vicky has fallen for this before with an article about Marilyn Manson, where she copied a story from the New York Post. And now she's repeated another factually incorrect article which appeared two days ago in - again - the New York Post. (No surprise of course that News Corporation owns both The Sun and NY Post, so maybe it's more like inbreeding than plagiarism...)

Let's have a look at the foul-ups and other 'remarkable' similarities...

NY Post: "The formation of Starbucks Records, as the unit is expected to be called..."
Vicky: "...and it now looks like they have landed one of the biggest names in the game to launch Starbucks Records."

[Unfortunately, turning something "expected" into a solid fact doesn't always work, as it was announced yesterday that they're sticking with the existing name of Hear Music.]

NY Post: " Launching a record label is something "that has been bandied about for quite a while," said one source."
Vicky: "Starbucks have been plotting the music venture for a while..."

NY Post: "
Unlike its Hear Music operation, which releases the Artists Choice compilation series that features musicians such as Sheryl Crow or The Rolling Stones selecting songs that influenced them, Starbucks Records is expected sign, record and produce its own artists rather than licensing songs from other labels."
Vicky: "There is already an arm of Starbucks called Hear Music releasing compilations called Artist’s Choice, which have featured stars such as the ROLLING STONES and SHERYL CROW selecting songs that influenced them. But Starbucks Records is expected to sign, record and produce its own artists rather than license other labels’ songs."

NY Post: "
Starbucks Hear Music had its greatest success with the release of Ray Charles' "Genius Loves Company," a co-production with Concord Records that went on to win eight Grammy awards including Album of the Year."
Vicky: "Hear Music had its greatest success with the release in 2004 of the late soul star RAY CHARLES’ final album, Genius Loves Company — a co-production with Concord Records that won eight post-humous [sic] Grammy awards including Album Of The Year."

NY Post: "
The caffeine pusher has enough licensing deals in place with major and independent record labels to build its own digital-music store a la Apple's iTunes, or it could bring in a partner to help build the digital infrastructure."
Vicky: "I hear the coffee conglomerate also plans to start a digital music download site with another major company."

NY Post: "
There have been talks about putting kiosks in its shops so that customers can shop for music and create their own compilations while waiting for their $5 cup of joe."
Vicky: "There have also been talks about putting kiosks in Starbucks shops so customers can create their own compilations while waiting for a brew."

[This is something Starbucks tried and failed at already back in 2004, and then withdrew from most locations in May 2006.]

And to finish off, Vicky lists some 'hilarious' Starbucks-inspired song titles, the first of which is "Let It Bean". And the title of the New York Post article? Yep, "Let It Bean"...

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