Thursday, 8 March 2007

Chem Romance video exclusive - 8th March,,4-2007110133,00.html

"Now they’re releasing another excellent track in I Don’t Love You — and the boys have chosen Bizarre to launch the video on the internet."

Looks to me like they chose YouTube to launch the video, where it has been available since yesterday...

And it's "another excellent track"? Back in October last year Vicky said "
They’re not my cup of tea but at least the Yank band are causing a stir."

Vicky also agreed with Kasabian who found it "
depressing" that the "phenomenon of American emo, or emotional, music — think miserable teenage goths — has spread to the UK." She continues: "Their music appeals to depressed and disaffected teenagers and their forthcoming album Black Parade includes cheerfully-named tracks such as Dead, Cancer and The End."

she said they were "ghouls", "miserable" and "dreary". But then in the same article calls their album "a work of epic genius". Oh now I'm really confused...does she like them or not?

(thanks to daysleeper)


Daysleeper said...

As well as that, she's wrong about the 'excellent' bit.... And do I not recall a time she was backing Kasabian when they said MCR were a depressive, morbid, dangerous influence to kids?

David said...

Wot u on bowt vikki knows about music. ask arcitc monkeys' guitarist matt.

Daysleeper said...

Ah you went and found it! Now that's dedication.