Friday, 23 March 2007

Baywatch babe 'a lesbian' - 23rd March,,4-2007130578,00.html

"Carmen, who is in London to promote her new movie I Want Candy..."

Really? I never knew that! It must be a whole 24 hours since the film was last mentioned in the paper.

Could it be that this old story which everyone else seemed to be reporting last November, has been dragged up simply for the purposes of getting Carmen - star of new Brit comedy I Want Candy - in the paper again?

Let's go back to March 29th 2006 to find an article where Carmen - star of new Brit comedy I Want Candy - says she used to have a crush on Joan Jett. Where could we find such a thing? Ah, how about in The Sun? Or how about a piece on the music video Joan and Carmen (star of new Brit comedy I Want Candy) made together? Oh, here's one - from The Sun back in May last year.

"Carmen appeared in 48-year-old Joan’s A.C.D.C. video and is tipped to attend next week’s Dinah Shore Weekend with her."

Nothing to do with the fact that Carmen (star of new Brit comedy I Want Candy) is already going to be appearing with her burlesque / cabaret act 'The Bombshell Babies', an appearance which has been scheduled since last August?

"Joan has refused to discuss her sexuality. But her A.C.D.C. track contains the lyric: “She got some other lover as well as me.”"

Amusing how Vicky's lackey feels he has to extract a lyric to try and prove some hint of lesbian goings-on when the song's title - and indeed the song - is referencing bisexuality.


James said...

Interesting use of language in the article too, confirming the Bizarre team's open attitude to homosexuality.

"CARMEN ELECTRA has been accused of sharing a lesbian love affair with rocker JOAN JETT"

Was Kate Moss ever 'accused' of seeing Pete Doherty? Not as far as I recall. They just got on with it like a nice normal couple.

Note, too, that if a celebrity ever comes out, according to the Sun they have 'Admitted' that they are gay. Not 'Announced', but 'Admitted'. Much like you'd 'admit' to stealing the Crown Jewels or, erm, buying the Sun.

Adam Macqueen said...

Which is at least a step on from a few years ago, when, however open and happy with the situation they were, they inevitably "confessed"...

ljd said...

I'm sick of the constant plugs for I Want Candy, especially as they are having to write completely rubbish non stories in order to plug it!

There's even a full page advert for the film in The Sun today, and they even plug Mel C's new single in Bizarre which, of course, is the title song of the movie. Pity they couldn't get the title of the song right though- it's I Want Candy, not I Love Candy! Fools! You'd think they'd be able to get the title of the song right seeing as they seem to plug the movie of the same name practically every other day!

ljd said...

Forgot to add that there is also another mention of the film in a tiny advert for Bizarre's new porn star game, where you can watch a video to find out Carmen Electra's porn name. No surprise that said video also includes clips from the movie I Want Candy!

Sarah said...

I have to agree with James - the first thing that struck me was the use of 'accused'.

Funny, but it was very noticeable that The Sun's front page on abuse against minorities left out homosexuality.

James said...

Good point about the front page! When I was a sweet innocent child like the ones holding up those signs, I can't remember hearing any of the offensive terms listed that often. I did, however, hear people call each other poofs, queers and gays on a daily basis. And when their Dad's newspaper has such an enlightened attitude to homosexuality ("Do you know a man who listens to camp band the Scissor Sisters? OUT HIM NOW!"), you have to wonder where they pick up such an attitude.

Darwin said...

Thanks for all the comments. ljd has prompted another piece today on *cough* new Brit comedy I Want Candy. Out now!