Thursday, 15 March 2007

Bucks Fizz in telly comeback - 15th March,,4-2007120338,00.html

"I’d love to see a tubby Bobby G and Mike Nolan tear large skirts from middle-aged mums Cheryl Baker and Jay Aston."

Perhaps if Vicky is trying to drum up support, it might be a good idea to not call them fat? But anyway, click on the picture above from Shelley Preston's website, taken last year during the filming of the Comic Relief video. So not much need for a "mock-up of how they might look". Why not just use a real and available image? Ah, because then Vicky wouldn't be able to criticise the way someone looks (even if it's not true) and that can't happen.

UPDATE: Quote from the administrator of the official Bucks Fizz website: "I have spoken to Bobby today and there are no plans or never have been to do Making Your Mind Up on Saturday night for him or Cheryl, Mike and Jay - this is just a publicity stunt from The Sun newspaper." Hmm...

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