Wednesday, 14 March 2007

Joss is sinking like a Stone - 14th March,,4-2007120084,00.html

First, I'll say I'm not a fan of any of the artists mentioned here. But it's a rather melodramatic piece from Vicky today regarding Joss Stone's album looking like it won't get into the Top 10 this weekend when the official album charts are announced.

"national laughing stock", "meteoric fall from grace" - this isn't Jade Goody we're talking about here, it's a 19 year-old girl who has developed a weird accent and dyed her hair. Calm down, dear, it's just a teenager. And who has been one of her most vocal and visible critics, gleefully drawing attention to every "PR disaster"? Yes, step forward Victoria Newton.

Two X-Factor losers are beating her in the charts - big deal. They had millions of people watching them on TV every week for 2 months at the end of last year - Joss has been out of the limelight for 2 years. The X-Factor releases have been timed to coincide with Mother's Day too, a very competitive week, when people will buy almost anything Mum-friendly in desperation. Why should she "expect" a Top 3 placing?

"Most embarrassing for Joss is that another annoying curly redhead looks set for the Top Ten. That’s right, SIMPLY RED’s new album Stay is stuffing Joss’s effort too. When you lose to MICK HUCKNALL in a popularity contest you know it’s time to pack your bags."

Putting some perspective on this comment, this is Simply Red's 12th album in a 22 year career, and only one of those previous 11 has missed the Top 5. They are still very popular. Their last two albums reached #2 and #3, so if we're using previous chart performance as a benchmark for current success, then 'Stay' is actually performing poorly as it's 'only' at #6 in the midweeks. I can't see the article screaming SIMPLY DEAD - BAND FAIL TO REACH TOP 5 anywhere though.

Strange, that.

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