Tuesday, 6 March 2007

Mel C is Electr-ic in leather - 6th March


"I'VE got an exclusive sneak peek of Melanie C's music video for new single I Want Candy. The former Spice Girl has recorded the soundtrack for CARMEN ELECTRA'S saucy new movie of the same name."

What, she's recorded the whole soundtrack? Anyway...a semi-exclusive here, as the main video has been available on Mel C's website since last Friday, but this version with film clips was announced as being given exclusively to The Sun.

Cast your minds back to January though, and remember that this is another piece of promotion for a film which one of The Sun's associate companies, Sky Movies, part-financed. I said back then to expect more coverage, and here we go... One of today's Biz Bites pieces also mentions the film.

UPDATE: The original article has been re-written on the site today, but here's a screenshot of the original in case it gets removed!