Saturday, 10 March 2007

Sigourney to play a stripper - 10th March,,2004580002-2007110391,00.html

"SIGOURNEY WEAVER is in great shape for her age. But I'm not sure that at 60 she looks good enough to strip half naked on screen."

How about at 57, which is her actual age? Gypsy Rose Lee also stopped stripping before she was 50, and the film in question will be concentrating on the later years of her life. Vicky just can't resist getting in a little dig about the supposed inadequacies of the way someone looks, can she?


Daysleeper said...

I think she must have been bullied at school or something, because she can just never resist making these digs at women. It must hurt knowing that a "60" year old woman is still a lot more pleasant to behold than she is.

J said...

I've created a petition to have her sacked. Will everyone please sign?

Get Victoria Newton Out Petition

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