Saturday, 24 March 2007

The Stones to headline festival - 23rd March,,4-2007130626,00.html

One that only came to light today. Yesterday it was reported by Vicky that the Rolling Stones charged fans £50 to watch them on webcam announcing their European tour. Unfortunately the article has been changed online, but luckily the Google cache hasn't quite caught up yet. This prompted their PR company to issue the following statement:

A report in the Sun newspaper that the Rolling Stones charged fans to log and watch yesterday's webcast of the launch of their European tour was completely untrue. A spokesman for the band said today "Contrary to this report over a million fans were in fact able to enjoy the broadcast free of charge simply by logging onto"

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The Knitter said...

,,, and if ya log onto that link ya get to download the full video FREE. Looking forward to the summer I am with dem krazy Stones boys!.