Friday, 22 June 2007

Russell Brand's bedroom panic - 22nd June,,4-2007280850,00.html

"RUSSELL BRAND has let me into a little bedroom secret – he’s had a PANIC ALARM fitted in his boudoir. After his gig at London’s Soho Theatre, the hairy funnyman told me: “I’ve got a panic alarm beside my bed.”"

Not exactly a 'secret', as aside from telling Vicky he also told all the listeners of his Radio 2 show the exact same thing on Sunday past. I guess Vicky isn't enough of a fan to listen to the radio...

Spice Girls return is certain - 22nd June,,4-2007280820,00.html

"But the girls have been in the studio recording a new single and I hear they plan to re-release their greatest hits."

In order to re-release something, you'd have to have released it before. The Spice Girls have yet to release any Greatest Hits compilations.

Tuesday, 12 June 2007

Wall's got a new gal pal - 12th June,,4-2007270066,00.html

"Then the Little Britain star went and spoiled it by later taking the actress to GEORGE MICHAEL’s house following the superstar’s sell-out Wembley gig. All straightness was scuppered, especially as gay favourite GERI HALLIWELL was also invited along to the do."

Yet another bordering-on-offensive 'gay-o-meter' story to fill a few column inches (poor Vicky can't be coping well without being able to fill half a page with a picture of Paris Hilton).

Just so we're all aware, if you go inside a gay man's house this now officially means YOU MIGHT BE GAY. Straight men cannot be friends with gay men, this is a MYTH. There must be BUMSEX involved. The presence of two heterosexual women matters not a jot.

In other news, you can catch AIDS off a toilet seat, and kissing gets you pregnant.

Monday, 11 June 2007

George's gig dig aimed at stars - 11th June,,4-2007260824,00.html

"After singing Freedom, when a blow-up figure of Prince Charles as the Statue of Liberty holding a gun appeared on stage, he said..."

I reckon he should have said "Oi, Vicky, it's actually Tony Blair. And it's a missile, not a gun."

Friday, 1 June 2007

Re-Brag - 1st June

Back on May 17th, Vicky did, amazingly, genuinley, exclusively reveal that Amy Winehouse was getting married. Well done, Vick! In amongst endless pictures of Paris Hilton and Britney Spears, with the same words in a different order, a real piece of news. And doesn't Vicky like to remind us!

May 19th - "AMY WINEHOUSE is a married woman, I can exclusively reveal. She wed Blake Fielder-Civil in a secret ceremony in downtown Miami yesterday morning — as I said earlier this week that they would."

May 21st - "The Rehab singer tied the knot with Blake on Friday in Miami after being engaged for just a month, as I exclusively revealed on Saturday."

May 23rd
- "
Amy’s dad Mitchell has told how he was gutted not to be at the secret wedding on Friday — which I exclusively tipped you off about last week."

May 25th - "
As I revealed, Amy’s shock wedding was a huge surprise to her parents."

June 1st - "
Bizarre exclusively revealed the couple had tied the knot in Miami two weeks ago."