Tuesday, 12 June 2007

Wall's got a new gal pal - 12th June


"Then the Little Britain star went and spoiled it by later taking the actress to GEORGE MICHAEL’s house following the superstar’s sell-out Wembley gig. All straightness was scuppered, especially as gay favourite GERI HALLIWELL was also invited along to the do."

Yet another bordering-on-offensive 'gay-o-meter' story to fill a few column inches (poor Vicky can't be coping well without being able to fill half a page with a picture of Paris Hilton).

Just so we're all aware, if you go inside a gay man's house this now officially means YOU MIGHT BE GAY. Straight men cannot be friends with gay men, this is a MYTH. There must be BUMSEX involved. The presence of two heterosexual women matters not a jot.

In other news, you can catch AIDS off a toilet seat, and kissing gets you pregnant.


Anonymous said...

The gossips have been trying to get David confirmed as one of Teh Gayes for quite some time now. Vicky's motto must be 'Have straws, will clutch'.

Spodo said...


Her latest screw up is how hot Jessica Simpson is looking. Which we can see from a photo from her 2005 single's video.


Darwin said...

To be honest that 'article' is just an excuse to show some pictures of boobs 'n' nips - they don't actually say the main photo is new or from the new film or anything. Unfortunately!

But keep spotting this stuff! :O)


ljd said...

There's yet more gay-o-meter crap in the Sun today: http://www.thesun.co.uk/article/0,,4-2007270878,00.html

Although I do love the fact that, in the above article about David Walliams being spotted out and about with Dale Winton and Natalie Blair, Vicky's gay-o-meter seems to have confused her so much that she's captioned the photo, "Broken ... David with Dale and Adele".

Eh....who's Adele?!

Btw, loving the blog, keep up the good work!