Friday, 23 March 2007

I'm Sick of Candy - 23rd March

And it just doesn't stop. In addition to the 4-month old news that Carmen Electra - star of new Brit comedy I Want Candy - was seen kissing Joan Jett, we have more push for the film. First, an interview with Mel C, who happens to sing the theme tune. Amusingly, Vicky is dense enough to refer to it as "I Love Candy".

And then we have a little video from the premiere of a new Brit comedy called I Want Candy (perhaps you've heard of it?) Asking 'celebrities' to work out their porn star name (including Carmen Electra, star of new Brit comedy I Want Candy) the video includes clips from a certain film - yes, it's new Brit comedy I Want Candy.

And it's not just Vicky and MY team doing this. Over at the Superbabes section of the website, who do you reckon is Babe of the Week? Yes, it's Carmen Electra! "Boasting two of tinseltowns most sought after appendages, it's a wonder that Carmen opted to star in a dinky little British film (I Want Candy, at the pics now)." (Picture 5 in the slideshow just happens to be a promo shot from a new Brit comedy called...I Want Candy!) But hang on, according to one of Vicky's lackeys today, Carmen is a dirty lesbian being 'accused' of having a relationship with another woman. But it's okay if she's showing us her t*ts, yeah?

Or you could head over to the specially dedicated slideshow for new Brit comedy I Want Candy in the Movies section of the website.

There was also the competition to win tickets to the premiere and the chance to escort Carmen Electra - star of new Brit comedy I Want Candy - down the red carpet. (Strange that she seems to be decidedly alone on the night - perhaps no-one entered? Do a search on Getty Images - there isn't a single picture of her on the red carpet with anyone.)

Another quick mention here.

And finally Johnny Vaughan's film reviews for the week. Four films reviewed, including new Brit comedy I Want Candy. Any guesses which one gets the best review and highest rating? Go on, have a guess. Yes, that's right, it's new Brit comedy I Want Candy! Four out of five. "Hats off to the British team responsible for this surefire smash. Don’t miss it." I guess that doesn't include the director then - he's Canadian.

What do other newspapers think of the film? The Guardian - "dire sex comedy" - one out of five. The Times - "Juvenile and fatuous" - one out of five. The Mirror - "pitiful". Daily Express - "lame script" - two out of five. Metro - "painfully unfunny" - one out of five.

Did Johnny Vaughan actually see the same film? If he even wrote the review of course.


Anonymous said...

I noticed repeated mentions in the other Murdoch paper thelondonpaper. They only gave it 2.5 stars. I suppose they needed to pretend to be fair and balanced. Where have I heard that before...?

Sarah said...

"Did Johnny Vaughan actually see the same film? If he even wrote the review of course."

Good point. It has been suggested that Johnny Vaughan has never been seen by other reviewers at film screenings.

mynameispiers said...

Busted! Well sort of.

Hi. I'm Piers. I produced the film. I had the idea about 6 years ago. Now it's been made and is up there on the silver screen. Every audience i've sat in laughed and cringed, and went off slightly more chipper than they were 90 minutes earlier.

You're sort of right and sort of wrong. we gave the trailer to sun online as an actual exclusive (most people dick them about) and the punters responded in record numbers. so they have been nice about us.

One thing did make me feel bad though. i met the guy who won the Date With Carmen comp and he and his girlfriend were outstandingly nice people. No-one has put their picture out. I will get on to the Sun immediately!

Thanks for showning interest. you are a funny guy, darwin. Do you write scripts?

Darwin said...

This is all I write, and I don't think it would make a very good film...

Sorry to see I Want Candy had such a bad opening weekend. All that publicity (and not just The Sun) and #7 with £349k. Oof. You needed more tits in it.