Tuesday, 27 March 2007

Chris needs Top Of The Crops - 27th March


"SO now we know what CHRIS MARTIN has been up to for the past few months – growing his hair. The COLDPLAY singer paraded his dodgy barnet as he held up cute daughter Apple on a day out at a fair."

Er...you mean the same bushy haircut he's had since around the time of Band Aid 20 in late 2004?


James said...

All hail the Showbiz Journalist of the Year!

Speaking of which, The British Press Awards were announced last night. And who scooped the coveted 'Showbusiness Journalist of the Year' award, the honour which Vicky proudly boasts?

Fiona Cummins of the Mirror!

Darwin, I think you deserve to wear a righteous grin all day today :)

Darwin said...

Mwah and indeed ha! Funny, I was only thinking to myself earlier about when the awards were...