Saturday, 31 March 2007

Album reveals Monkeys magic - 31st March,,4-2007140935,00.html

"IT’S the most talked about, exciting and eagerly awaited album of the year. But I've had a sneak preview of ARCTIC MONKEYS follow-up Favourite Worst Nightmare and can tell you now, it's brilliant."

"I've had a sneak preview" = "I received a promo CD like hundreds of other journalists and radio stations across the country". For instance, the folks at The Fly magazine, who published a review earlier this week. Vicky is very daring with her review, heaping praise on an album that is guaranteed to be a number one bestseller - not exactly backing the horse with three legs, is it?

Of course Vicky has always got her finger on the pulse of what's going on with the Arctic Monkeys. Like when she told us how Dizzee Rascal would be appearing on the new album. Which, if her review is anything to go by, isn't the case at all.


David said...

He has actually done a b-side with them which will appear on the 7". But Vikki was wrong, it won't be appearing on the album.

RichardAM said...

She's playing into public appeal and presuming they'll be awesome a second time round.

Anyone remember The Darkness?

David said...

Vicky playing into public appeal?! NEVER!