Friday, 30 March 2007

Little Missing Joss - 30th March

There seems to be something missing from Bizarre today. There's a relatively major UK showbiz news story out there which came to light yesterday (Thursday) and yet despite having acres of print and webspace to fill with any old celebrity rubbish, Vicky seems to have decided to not include a story about her current favourite bile-target Joss Stone.

Could that be because it's a very positive story about Ms Stone having massive success in the US this week and breaking a chart record along the way? After 6 weeks or so of negative stories (right up until yesterday), digs and general nastiness towards Joss, I suppose it would make Vicky look rather silly to 'reveal' that Joss's career might not be quite as far down the pan as she hoped. I'm surprised there isn't a story telling the US they can 'keep her'. Maybe she'll fill some space with that tomorrow, eh?

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