Monday, 19 February 2007

Williams is mad on movie - 19th February,,4-2007080106,00.html

"ROBBIE WILLIAMS’ She’s Madonna video – which sees the troubled star in DRAG, left – was inspired by the picture below. The snap shows Madge playing a Twenties lounge singer in 1989 movie Bloodhounds Of Broadway."

So...he paid tribute to Madonna's black Louise Brooks-esque bob by wearing a shoulder-length black wig? Dressed in a full-length sequinned dress to mirror outfits such as the one pictured above? And paid tribute to a film about a party in 1920s New York by setting a video in a modern transvestite bar? Does this aspect of Vicky's story make any sense? If anything, he looks more like she did in the 'Nothing Really Matters' video...which just happens to have been directed by Johan Renck - the same person who directed 'She's Madonna'.

(P.S. - Madonna's character in the film is a famous showgirl/dancer, not a lounge singer.)

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China Blue said...

I've been reading your blog over the last few days and I really enjoy it.
I'm astonished that Newton still has a job at all. Now, I'm uninformed and ill-researched at the best of times, and on my worst day could still pull a better and more factually correct article out of my backside than Newton! Quite shocking.