Thursday, 15 February 2007

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"Husky-voiced CORINNE BAILEY RAE looked stunning in a tight silver outfit performing a funked up version of her No 1 Put Your Records On."

Number 2 - it never made it to number 1 in the Official Chart.

"LIAM GALLAGHER led Oasis on stage to accept their award for Outstanding Contribution to Music from host RUSSELL BRAND after the band’s Beatles hero Ringo Starr dropped out at the last minute."

Dropped out or was never going to do it in the first place? Vicky's original article earlier this month stating Ringo would be presenting gave us a lot of hyperbole and no evidence, and let's not forget how she claimed Johnny Depp was also going to present the award originally, yet another thing which didn't happen.

An odd piece from one of Vicky's lackeys, Danielle Lawler, giving us a rundown of the 'controversial' things Russell Brand said during his presenting stint, which ends with "
Playing to a live crowd is a tough feat — but Russell managed to get the right mix of comedy without being too risque."

Erm...but haven't you just spent 500 words telling us how risque he was?

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