Friday, 23 February 2007

Bizarre Roundup - 23rd February

Inside Vicky's head: "Okay, that's Britney driven mental, who can I focus random and unprovoked hatred on now? Ah, Joss Stone! She'll do. Acted a bit funny at the Brits the other week. She's young, successful, talented and rich. I hate that. But wait, she's still a teenager, most of them aren't really mature or resistant to outside influence. Oh sod it, I'll assassinate her anyway."

MY team member John Coles tries to make a story out of nothing regarding Charlotte Church: "The chat show star and singer has finally quit smoking and pals have noticed she has put on a bit of weight in recent weeks." And what happens to most people when they quit smoking? They put on weight, you fool. Charlotte has also recently stated in interviews that she was only ever planning a low-key birthday celebration and has never mentioned this alleged party at the Hilton. In fact, she said "I had a big 18th and my mum said either you have a big 18th or a big 21st."

"sparking rumours" = "speculating based on little or no evidence"

UPDATE: Yeah, okay, Charlotte Church is pregnant after all!


Daysleeper said...

"What do YOU think?" She asked, before printing only the emails that mirrored her views exactly. Like she always does. Where does this woman get off on being so needlessly spiteful? She obviously has deep-rooted psychological issues.

Jem said...

she's been nominated as showbiz journalist of the year in the British Press Awards !!!!,,2022532,00.html

felixchurchhill said...

The Daily Star's Joe Mott is another cretin undergoing the 'watch' treatment.

Much love to this blog Darwin.

Darwin said...

jem - a jury of her peers will surely sentence her to death by no awards this time?

felix - you're certainly good at the self-promotion - thanks for including VickyWatch in all the forum postings you've been making, it's bumping my traffic up! ;O)