Monday, 19 February 2007

Vicky is Some People - 19th February

Victoria Newton - February 14th: "[Robbie] suffered agonies as Take That’s reunion tour became one of the biggest pop events of 2006. Their comeback single Patience went straight in at No1 and stayed there for six weeks*. Their new album Beautiful World also went straight to No1 and has sold 1.5 million copies. By contrast, Robbie’s first single from his new album Rudebox went in at a disappointing No 4. And the album stayed at No1 for only a week. And he has been forced to accept that the Take That reunion tour has overshadowed his own record breaking Close Encounters tour."

Howard Donald of Take That (quoted in The Sun) - February 19th:
"I’ve been calling him loads. I’m upset some people think it’s our success that’s made him depressed."

*actually 4 weeks.


James said...

Just a quick heads-up to something I spotted in today's Bizarre - In a light-hearted look at addiction, depression and suicide, Vicky introduces us to her 'fun card game'. It's called 'Rehabby Families'. Do you see what she did there? Because her poor Photoshop boy apparently didn't; Each of the 20 cards is marked 'Rehab Families'.

We shouldn't blame him, I suppose. It can't be easy concentrating when you've spent all day having to mock-up a picture of what it'd look like if Liam Gallagher worked in Kwik-Fit.

Darwin said...

But wait, she has sympathy for Robbie! And Britney! Well, she did a couple of days ago anyway...


Daysleeper said...

Personally I think she urgently needs a stint in rehab herself to sort out her horrible case of schizophrenia.