Thursday, 15 February 2007

Hamster Killer - 15th February

Thanks to eagle-eyed blogger marcus for this one. Click on the pic above to see how Vicky renamed Brandon Flowers of The Killers. She didn't even get him confused with another member of the band, choosing to mix him up with a not-dead TV presenter instead.

Just a little cherry on top of what has been a whole heap of cocked-up Brits coverage today.


Marcus said...

More than happy to help man! =D

I don't normally go by the simple name of "marcus" online btw, it's just I posted using my existing Google account as I didn't feel the need to create a Blogger account just to report on that blunder, and somehow the system decided my posting name therein, heh. =P

But woo I guess I'm semi-famous now. ;-)

Marcus said...

Oh, and as someone else from one board pointed out when I mentioned it there, I guess another goof on the page would be the forgetting to close the style tag after the Click Here For Sideshow banner! But then I guess not many people would be too fussed about that tbh. =P

I'm quite surprised however that nobody in the comments section at the bottom of the page I highlighted appeared to point out the error themselves!

Spodo said...

How the hell do you confuse richard hammond for Brandon Flowers?

PS: there's a Vicky Wiki!

do you think she'll edit it herself - but really badly?