Tuesday, 27 February 2007

Biz Bites - 27th February

Uno: Up-to-the-minute as ever, this story is two weeks old, having first appeared (in English) in the Santiago Times on 13th February.

Dos: The story was in reference to the ticket prices in Chile, not in Brazil (although it is true that some tickets for their shows in Brazil are £100 - but there are some at £35, and to try to make up for it, the band have been giving away free tickets outside to fans who couldn't afford them.)

Tres: The quote Vicky uses is a rather condensed version of the actual quote, which was:

"We just found out how expensive they are and would like to say we are sorry. We didn’t know beforehand. The tickets of course could not have been extremely cheap because we are playing smaller venues here, but the price is a little embarrassing."

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Daysleeper said...

So, actually a story about dates in Chile that have already been played.