Wednesday, 14 February 2007

What drove Robbie to rehab - 14th February,,4-2007070393,00.html

"...his Rudebox album was met with mixed reviews and disappointing sales. And he has been forced to accept that the Take That reunion tour has overshadowed his own record breaking Close Encounters tour. I think it’s a combination of those things that probably tipped him over the edge."

What about Vicky's own 'mixed review' when she heard the Rudebox single?

"...not only the worst song by him I’ve heard, it’s the worst record I’ve EVER heard (and believe me, I’ve had to listen to some sh*te in the past). It shouldn’t be allowed on grounds of taste... tuneless electro dirge...this record is probably one of the worst in history. Actually, it is THE worst in history."

Bet those comments from "the journalist who knows him best" made him feel on top of the world. No good pretending to be his best mate now...

And what's all this "
last interview Robbie did before going for rehab" rubbish, referring to the August 2006 piece? How about the interview he did for The Big Issue 2 months ago? The one Vicky took quotes from for this article.

(P.S. I suspect "the journalist who knows him best" title should more likely go to a certain Mr Chris Heath who did a tiny thing like write Robbie's official biography after collaborating on it with him for two solid years. You know, someone who doesn't just 'make stuff up'.)

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