Friday, 16 February 2007

Milli Vanilli: At the movies - 16th February,,2004580002-2007070672,00.html

"A HOLLYWOOD movie about fake pop duo Milli Vanilli is in the pipeline. Universal Pictures will be producing the film with Catch Me If You Can director JEFF NATHANSON on board."

He wrote Catch Me If You Can, not directed it. The director was some bloke called Steven Speilberg.

UPDATE: The Sun webmonkeys have corrected the article. Damn, should have taken a screenshot. Oh, wait - I did.


Andy said...

Hi Vickywatch, I couldn't find your email so I thought I would leave this tip here. According to today's Sun,,2007060000-2007070740,00.html

Liam said this "If you take drugs you end up in rehab unless you’re a f***in’ rock like me — and then you just give them up".

However in the previous day's Sun the quote was attributed to Noel. Sorry but I cannot find the URL now, although the story was reprinted on lots of other crappy websites if you check Google news.


Marcus said...

Speaking of the Milli Vanilli article - it looks like they've fixed the gaff already!

Darwin said...

Thanks for the tips guys!