Tuesday, 16 January 2007

Awards mean it's Lil's Brit'un - 16th January


"The other shake-up is that ROBBIE WILLIAMS has a nomination after all. It was wrongly reported in a rival newspaper that King Of The Brits Robbie — who has a record 15 gongs — is to be snubbed. But he will be nominated for British Live Act — alongside GEORGE MICHAEL, among others."

The "rival newspaper", The Mirror, ran a story on Saturday saying Robbie would get no nominations for his album or single. But they also said "
But all 32-year-old Robbie has is a conciliatory nomination in the Best Live Act category." So, er, we already knew that, Vicky. It's no good having a dig at your rivals if you can't even read their article properly.

Vicky even goes as far as repeating her claim again in another article today - "I can reveal the success of his gigs means he WILL receive a nomination for Best Live Act Brit." No, Vicky, you're not revealing it - 3am already did that 4 days ago.

UPDATE: Thanks to james in the comments pointing out that Vicky is also wrong to say that the footage of Jarvis Cocker bum-waving at Michael Jackson at the 1996 Brits was "never shown on TV". It has been, countless times. I seem to remember it even being on the news the day after. Think about it - I bet you can picture exactly what he did.


James said...

I also liked the bit about Jarvis Cocker... "The awards haven’t been the same since he stormed the stage during Jacko’s performance of Earth Song in 1996. He was arrested and the footage was never shown on TV."

Never shown on TV? Does Newton not own a TV then? I've seen the footage countless times on all manner of shows, from 'I Love 1996' to '100 Greatest TV Moments' to... Actually, right now I can't erase the mental image of Jarvis rushing towards a camera positioned at stage level, flapping his hands away from his backside...

Simon said...

To almost be fair, the footage wasn't shown in the actual Brits broadcast the day after because the director missed the one camera at that end of the stage that caught it, although apparently it was edited into a later repeat.

Darwin said...

Well that still proves the original point - that it's wrong to say it was "never shown on TV". Cheers!


SP said...

"As much as I find it puzzling to learn that Jarvis Cocker has a nomination for Best Male when he hasn’t really done much, I’m quite pleased."

What? Other than release a well-received album recently along with a single that's in the charts... ooh... righ now?