Wednesday, 31 January 2007

Ian and Sinead's indie project - 31st January,,4-2007050144,00.html

"I NEVER thought SINEAD O’CONNOR had Manc indie legend IAN BROWN in mind when she sang Nothing Compares 2 U. But I can reveal the unlikely duo have struck up a close friendship and are working on a track for the former STONE ROSES star’s next album."

Aside from the baffling opening line (why would she have??), we have another false 'reveal'. The rumours have been circulating since early 2006 about Brown and O'Connor working together, and Brown talked to the NME about it earlier this month. (The NME's own website doesn't carry the story, strangely.)

It's nothing more than attempting to turn a rumour into fact just by claiming it's true.

Far from being exclusive previews or reveals, the rest of the article consists of details taken from an interview Brown did with Steve Lamacq last week on BBC 6Music, a transcript of which you can read here (warning: this website might make your eyes go funny.)


Bryan said...

What’s unusual about the collaboration? Sinead worked with Sly and Robbie, Ian wanted to and both have a love of reggae and dub.
Reign wasn’t Ian Brown’s first (or even most successful) collaboration with UNKLE; Vicky has never heard Be There, Ian’s first post prison release.
What is interesting is that Ian was incarcerated at Strangeways, at Category A prison for a Category C crime. Why was this? Perhaps it had something to do with the Sun’s outrage that he was in an open prison [I’m unable to source the Sun article.]
From a Big Issue interview in 2000:
“…he was also briefly in HMP Risley and HMP Kirkham [...] He's indignant at the injustice of the sentence and that he was made a category A prisoner (locked up with lifers despite his crime only being a verbal attack) and says he was a fall guy in the summer of air rage. He was charged with aggressive and abusive behaviour on a flight from Paris to Manchester.”
Upon release, Ian did a tour round the UK with some of the profits going to Youth Centres. Dominic Mohan, the then Bizarre editor made a condescending comment about this along the lines of “you don’t have to do that Ian, I think your new record’s great.”

secretdubai said...

"Favourite News International rumour of the week?
Andy Coulson already slotted-in to replace
Rebekah Wade at the Sun by summer."

If so, could that spell the end of Vicky too? Given he used to edit Bizarre it must pain him more than anyone to see what it has become.