Tuesday, 23 January 2007

Mika Mistake - 23rd January


Another fluff piece by Vicky's underling today, containing yet more mistakes about Mika's feats (see yesterday).

"The 23-year-old pop sensation from London has landed an unprecedented No1 with debut single Grace Kelly — from music downloads ALONE. The recent change in chart rules paved the way for his huge online following to propel him to the top of the charts without selling even a single copy in record stores."

"Unprecedented"? Newton Jr. seems to have forgotten when Gnarls Barkley made number one last year with "Crazy" - on downloads only and "without selling even a single copy in record stores."

And, once again, repeating the mistakes of his master, this is NOT Mika's debut single, it's his second.


Tom said...

Not one to defend Vicky. But this is technically Mika's first single. Its the first single to receive a full physical release (CD). If you don't by that argumen,t then its his third or fourth. His first release was two digital single Relax -Take It Easy and Billy Brown, and his second was the Dodgy Holiday EP released just before Christmas.

Either way it doesn't excuse Vicky's sloppiness.

Keep up the good work.


Darwin said...

I'm going via the course of chart eligibility. Relax (Take It Easy) was eligible, but flopped. The EP wasn't eligible. Cheers!


Tom said...

Pretty sure Relax was only released on vinyl and digital. Don't think it makes it chart eligible (obviously would now). Anyway, I'll get back to pedant's corner.


Bryan said...

Perviously you needed a physical release so relax counted.

Jem said...

Also she says "the recent changes in chart rules paved the way for his huge online following"

this would have made no difference in this case as a physical release is planned anyhow. it would have got to no.1 anyhow under the old rules.

the new rules are about *any* track digital or otherwise...ie: billie, koopa etc..
sorry this is getting quite dull isn't it.

Darwin said...

tom - the rules regarding a physical release being needed in order for downloads to count was active at the time "Relax (Take It Easy)" was released, so if Mika's hype machine had been working properly at that time, he could have charted. ;O)