Friday, 26 January 2007

That's taking the Mik - 26th January,,4-2007040286,00.html

The irony of the headline is almost painful. Third time unlucky for Vicky this week when it comes to bleating about Mika. She once again calls Grace Kelly his "debut single", and also repeats her shameless lie of being the one who "revealed" that Mika would be modelling for Paul Smith, despite the fact that this news was appearing elsewhere in the press at least six weeks ago.

Now we can add another bogus "reveal", with

"I can also reveal Mika has landed his first major festival date — California’s Coachella in April."

in spite of the fact that the lineup for the festival was announced to the world 5 days ago and Mika's name was very much on the list, and even on the poster (fifth from last on the bill on the last day, but it's a start I suppose...)

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