Wednesday, 10 January 2007

VickyWatch Classic - Madonna

We all know Vicky is a fan of Madonna (look - even Madge is paying tribute to Vicky's style in the photo above). It's just worrying how much a fan can get wrong.

How about this from 2004, where Madge was going to make a new cowboy film produced by Martin Scorsese. Not only that but the soundtrack album would be her next musical release, and the first single would be something from the 1920s called "There'll Be Some Changes Made". None of this ever happened of course. If it had, it would have also been fun to see how the "mastermind" of her American Life video handled directing a big-budget film, considering the man in question was actually the "costume designer".

And as mentioned back in the first post of this blog, there's this little gem from early 2005. Confessions In A Mosh Pit anyone?

How about the perfume that never appeared? The 2006 Brits performance that didn't happen? The concerts in Japan launching the Confessions on a Dance Floor album that neither took place nor heralded a world tour? (In fact as it turned out Japan was the last stop on the tour.)

What happened to the voicing of a character in an animated Puss in Boots film which isn't going to see the light of day until 2010? The role of Candy Darling in a film which never happened?

And last but not least, let's remember the time Vicky sat in a room with 50 other journalists listening to Confessions on a Dance Floor, and the next day proclaimed "I’m the first journo IN THE WORLD to have heard her new album"

Life is a myyyyysterrrrryyyy...

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