Friday, 5 January 2007

Lily paid £500 ransom for dog - 5th January,,4-2007000580,00.html

Following this piece last week, where Vicky claimed "my army" of Bizarre readers had been asked to help find Lily Allen's dog (they hadn't), the story reaches a conclusion today with even more outlandish claims on Vicky's part.

Not only does she claim some of the credit for the dog being found ("But the offer of a reward, plus an army of Bizarre readers sniffing out the culprits after my call to hunt the dognappers, encouraged the thieves to get in touch with Lily."), but ends the piece with "Last week when I revealed that Maggie had vanished, Lily told me:" followed by direct quotes lifted from Lily's MySpace blog (the same ones she used last week). "I revealed"? "Lily told me"? You didn't reveal, and Lily didn't tell you.

Then add the following: "
Emotional Lily rushed back from her hols to be reunited with her pet yesterday, as my picture shows." It wasn't yesterday, it was Wednesday - but then Vicky should know that, as "my picture" has again been nicked from Lily's blog, posted at 5pm that day.

Needless to say, every quote from Lily in today's piece regarding the return of her dog has also been lifted, word for word, from her MySpace blog.

There certainly has been a lot of theft going on, hasn't there?


James said...

"As my picture shows" - Classic! She should be careful, those naughty folk at have already stolen a copy of 'her picture' and put it on their front page. Worse still, after they stole 'her picture', they went back in time and put it on the site yesterday, making her look as if she was some sort of lumbering gossip dinosaur, reporting on old news. Disgraceful!

I suppose that now MySpace is owned by News International (prop. Rupert Murdoch), Vicky assumes she can copy and paste anything from any popstar's blog straight into her column in the Sun (prop. Rupert Murdoch). Very canny...

Anonymous said...

Bet GERMANY and MEESE feel like complete " assholes" now.
They will be in " KANSAS KINGS" and here they are talking about everything including the kitchen sink!
CK - YEMEN- WASHINGTON- CHENEY...everybody delivering every single piece of evidence .
DISNEY- DASSAULT- RUPERT - ACE - " the works".
APPYR- HAPEDIST- PRICROV...bunch of complete morons in PEDOPHILIA.