Thursday, 11 January 2007

Robbie's £171,000 per week - 11th January,,4-2007010566,00.html

"I’ve been shown a copy of his company’s latest accounts, which reveal Robbie paid himself £7.2million for the past year. The salary alone breaks down as an average of £171,000 a week — or £25,000 a day."

"I've been shown" = "I've seen the freely available accounts which have to be published every year anyway".

I think the Bizarre calculator must be broken as well, as £7,200,000 divided by 52 weeks works out as £138,461 per week and £19,780 per day, not £171,000 and £25,000. (You'd actually get Vicky's figures if you divided it by 42 weeks, so maybe her finger slipped. Either that or there is some accounting trick I'm not aware of - do let me know if you know better.)

The impact of this 'news' is also somewhat lessened by the fact that The Mirror ran the same story 11 months ago, and from those accounts it seems he was earning more than that in 2005. "Robbie Earning Less Than He Was Before Shocker" doesn't really work though, does it?

MORE: It gets better! Far from being "his" company, In Good Company is jointly owned by Robbie, his management (ie:music) and EMI and the profits are split. Also, the company is solely for non-recording revenue, so "income from his Intensive Care album", "ongoing revenues from all his EMI records" and "thanks to profits from his Rudebox album" are all non applicable when it comes to the profits Vicky is writing about.

Finally, "
one famous pal of his told me recently: “Rob actually suffers from manic depression.”" Could that insightful pal have been Stephen Fry, who discussed the subject with Robbie on national television in front of a couple of million people just a few months ago? Or perhaps it was one of the readers of his book "Feel", where he talks about it?

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