Monday, 8 January 2007

Alba's doggy lovin' in park - 8th January,,2004580002-2007010178,00.html

"I imagine Jess needs to conserve her energy – she’s due to work on no less than SEVEN different movies this year, including Sin City 2 and Fantastic Four: Rise Of The Silver Surfer."

Aside from the usual "my snapper" rubbish, Vicky has obviously taken time to have a 3-second glance at Yes, seven films are listed as 2007 on there for Ms Alba, but that doesn't mean she will be working on all of them - it refers to the year the film is due to be released.

If Vicky had spent maybe 10 more seconds browsing, she would see that of those seven, two of them are completed and three are in post-production, meaning filming is completed and the special effects etc are being added, and that currently Ms Alba is scheduled to work on two films this year. Not seven.

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MK said...

Two? Seven? Since when did anyone expect the Sun to be able to count?