Friday, 12 January 2007

Britney pups down to the shops - 12th January,,4-2007010720,00.html

"The singer took her pooch to a pet shop in Bel Air to get it a new coat – with her toddler SEAN PRESTON in tow. But while Britney kept the mutt close to her chest, it fell to her minder to carry her one-year-old son."

It's not her minder, it's her ex-but-now-back-again manager, Larry Rudolph.

In addition, if Vicky had looked at some of the other pictures available from X17 (the agency The Sun bought the pictures from) she might have worked out that they showed Britney going into the pet shop to buy the dog.

Destination: pet "store"

Arrival: without dog

Departure: with dog

Buy Me Puppy One More Time. (sorry) So it's not that she "prefers" the dog, it's not that her "PRIORITIES?" are messed up, it's that she'd just bought a puppy and wanted to carry it out of the shop. But I suppose if she'd carried her son and given the dog to her manager it would have been written up as her neglecting the new puppy...she's never going to win with Vicky.

BritneyRes has all the pictures, including some of Britney paying attention to her son and acting like a normal mum. But obviously Vicky didn't use those. Far better to highlight a bit of chipped nail varnish and use it as 'evidence' of declining mental health...

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Lost Boy said...

I love the fact that Britney's chipped nail polish is worked into the story. Not only is she a bad mother, she can't even be arsed painting her nails when she goes to that most glam of Hollywood destinations: the shops.