Thursday, 11 January 2007

Grab Bag of Inaccuracy - 11th January

A few more little bits for you, all from today (a bad day even by Vicky's standards).

First off, Preston walking off Never Mind The Buzzcocks. (Yes, I know this article wasn't written by Vicky, but it's under the Bizarre banner on the website, so I'm having it!)

"The singer, 24 — who met Essex girl Chantelle, 23, on last year’s Celebrity Big Brother — is the first star to walk off the BBC2 show in ten years."

Nope - Lemmy from Motorhead did it in March 1998.

"KELLY OSBOURNE has revealed that mum SHARON used to send her poo to journalists."

Actually, Sharon "revealed" that over a month ago in an interview in The Guardian. And in her autobiography. And several times before that too. (thanks verity)

Unsigned pop-punk band Koopa released a download-only single this week which on Tuesday was number 17 in the charts, based on Monday's sales. On Thursday, Vicky writes

The track — being backed by Radio 1 DJ STEVE LAMACQ — is edging up the charts"

By "edging up", does Vicky mean "fell to number 33 on Wednesday"? Because that's what happened... (UPDATE: still at number 33 on Thursday...ended up at number 31 by Sunday.)

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