Friday, 1 December 2006

Kim goes Wilde over Elton - 1st December,,4-2006550806,00.html

Rather weird article. Vicky makes sure we know how unimportant Kim is these days -

"elder stateswoman of cheesy pop", "frumpy Kim, now a gardening expert", "But Kim, who also works as the face of a healthfood store chain"

but conveniently forgets to mention that Kim has also just released a new album and a couple of singles in Europe, where she is experiencing something of a comeback. And of course she's so not newsworthy that, er, she's the focus of your lead article for the day. Hmm.

UPDATE: Thanks to Lost Boy for pointing out another example of Vicky's lack of research - Kim is no longer the face of Holland & Barrett, the 'healthfood store chain' mentioned.

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Lost Boy said...

In addition, Kim is no longer the face of Holland and Barrett and hasn't been for fucking ages. Does nobody sub this shit?