Thursday, 21 December 2006

Who's bursting with pride? - 19th December,,2004580002-2006580537,00.html

"LATINO actress SALMA HAYEK looks anything but ugly at a press conference for her new TV show Ugly Betty. Salma - an executive producer on the show - turns up in several episodes as unattractive (errr) secretary Sofia Reyes."

By "unattractive secretary" we can only assume Vicky means "sexy Editor-in-Chief who one of the male leads falls in lust with". Look at the photo above (if you can, obviously Salma, on the right, looks hideous) to see where Vicky went wrong this time.

(thanks to bryan for the pointer!)

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Anna said...

Jesus Christ, words fail me. And if Salma Hayek is female, shouldn't she be LatinA not Latino?