Wednesday, 20 December 2006

Page 3 girls do the Chacarron - 20th December,,2004580002-2006590104,00.html

"THERE'S no doubt about it - EL CHOMBO'S mumbled tune Chacarron is one of the weirdest single releases of all time. The song is a hot contender for the No1 spot this Christmas and ANDY'S groovy moves have sparked a dance craze across the nation."

Vicky has been telling us for a couple of months now how this track is a "hot contender" for the Christmas number one ("I've been informed it's set to top the charts at Christmas.") and seemingly ignored the behemoth of the X-Factor winner's single, which only a fool would dismiss as the guaranteed chart-topper.

She frequently blabbers on about midweek sales in her column, and yet comments like today's get in there in spite of the fact that if she even glanced at the current sales, she'd see El Chombo isn't even in the Top 5.


drycountrygirl said...

Hmm, on reading that piece of tat on her website, I found this:

LATINO actress SALMA HAYEK looks anything but ugly at a press conference for her new TV show Ugly Betty.

The voluptuous actress had the media captivated in a revealing dress which revealed her ample assets.

Salma - an executive producer on the show - turns up in several episodes as unattractive (errr) secretary Sofia Reyes.

And I have good news for my red-blooded male readers.

The show, which also stars Extras actress ASHLEY JENSEN, has been bought by Channel 4 and will be screened next year.

Bearing in mind the ads for the show have been shown on channel 4 for over a week now...

As always, 50000000000th for Celebrity News

Bryan said...

Having already seen the first eight episodes I can inform you Salma doesn't play a secretary she plays an editor.