Saturday, 16 December 2006

Well there we have it.

Another successful Bizarre campaign, courtesy of our favourite journalist. Maybe, given time, she'll be able to erase Leona's victory from her mind, as she seemed to do with that of Will Young earlier today.

Victoria Newton; when she talks, people listen. (To someone else.)


secretdubai said...

This is a superb blog. I am just mystified why she is still in her job. Surely there must be at least one showbiz journalist out there in the whole of the UK who is at least marginally better than Newton?

James said...

I too love this blog. I'm just amazed that almost every day there's something to report. Is Vicky actually the victim of an elaborate prank in which her colleagues secretly place bets on which pieces of duff information they can successfully feed her and get her to print? I can imagine that'd be fun.
"I hear Christina's saying her new single is going to be nothing like her debut 'Baby One More Time'"
"Really? Can I borrow your pen a minute?"
"Sure! *kerching*"