Friday, 15 December 2006

The Week of Leona vs Ray

After a week of articles such as this, this, and this, all part of the latest "my campaign" backing Ray Quinn as the winner of the X-Factor final tomorrow night, what's the best way to give a final rally-call to the troops?

How about having his rival Leona in the office, telling us how great she is, and devoting the day's main article to her? Could the sudden ignoring of Ray have anything to do with this tell-tale line in the Leona article?

"Leona, from tough Hackney in London, is the favourite in my poll to beat cheeky Scouser RAY QUINN to the talent show crown."

Nice to see Vicky sticks to what she believes in and doesn't let the opinion of others sway her. From the video clip accompanying the article, Ray was obviously there at the same time, so I can exclusively reveal that Vicky will be switching back to Ray tomorrow. Probably. Depends how the poll is looking.

UPDATE 16/12: Yep, as predicted (sorry, "as I exclusively predicted yesterday") Ray is back in focus, with this puke-inducing article today. Using your sick, hospitalised granny to gain sympathy - classy!

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