Monday, 18 December 2006

Tim Burton Strikes Back - 18th December

"Ms Newton, may we have a word...?",,4-2006580443,00.html

Despite Vicky's joking tone in the above article, it seems Tim Burton's words have carried some weight over at the Bizarre cupboard - the original article, in which Vicky lied about Sacha Baron Cohen's singing on the forthcoming Sweeney Tood film, has been removed from The Sun's website. I'm sure a few threats from Paramount didn't go amiss either. Wouldn't do the Showbiz Reporter of the Year much good to be frozen out by a major film studio, would it?


James said...

I always thought there was something odd about this story...

PS I love the new line at the top of the page ;)

Darwin said...

It's a genuine comment too. Source:,,1813079,00.html

Darwin x