Saturday, 2 December 2006

Dopes put junkie Pete on cover - 2nd December,,4-2006551043,00.html

A rather Daily Mail-esque rant about Pete Doherty being on the cover of Vogue from Vicky today.

Less than a month ago, after Kate n Pete had attended the magazines' 90th birthday party, Vicky said "Cover girl Kate and her dapper-looking man Pete spent the night holding hands and chatting at the event at London’s swanky Serpentine Gallery." So at that point he was dapper.

The day after that comment she was bigging up Pete's work for the Gio-Goi label, giving us "fantastic" exclusive behind the scenes footage and telling us how great he was as a model. A national newspaper columnist giving positive coverage to a drug user? "
I personally think its disgusting that he is held up as an icon of beauty and cool — no matter how talented he is." (Your words Vicky, not mine!)

Finally, she writes "
Last year Pete was due to release a song recorded with Kate called La Belle Et La Bete — roughly translated as Beauty And The Beast. The couple planned to release the song with copies of Vogue." The song was released, it's the first track on the Babyshambles album 'Down In Albion'.

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