Thursday, 30 November 2006

Cat fight is all Suga and spite - 30th November,,4-2006550620,00.html

"EX-SUGABABES MUTYA BUENA and SIOBHAN DONAGHY are sharpening their claws for the year’s biggest cat fight. I can reveal the girls will go head to head when their debut solo albums are released next March."

What was Siobhan's 2003 album "Revolution In Me", then? A pre-debut solo album? In addition, Mutya's album is currently scheduled for March 5th, and Siobhan's for March 26th, a full 3 weeks apart. Not shaping up to be much of a "head to head" fight really.

"Siobhan and Mutya haven’t spoken since Siobhan quit the band mid-tour in 2001... A source said: “There was no love lost. Their charts battle will be very interesting.”"

I'd get some new sources, Vicky. Mutya and Siobhan have added each other as 'friends' on their official MySpace pages. When asked about it via MySpace by a couple of fans Siobhan said (in two different responses):

"It's irrelevant who requested who. There has never been any problems between me and Mutya. We're cool. Loving her new tune too. It's very much the kind of stuff I've always thought she should be doing. She sounds fab!"

"Yep me and Mutya are cool. We've been chatting on here lately. Me and her never had any problems anyway but it's good to speak to her, I miss her."

and when asked about it Mutya said (forgive the txt spk):

"me siobhan still have contact, same 2 me an keisha, heidi dnt talk to no more"

So when Vicky starts trying to heat this fight up again nearer the time, remember something - there is no fight.

(Link: Screenshot of article in case of future changes.)

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Lost Boy said...

Too true. Mutya also said in an interview in The Face YEARS ago that her and Siobhan were talking again.