Monday, 27 November 2006

VickyWatch Classic - Jenny Frost,,4-2004192159,00.html

Back in 2004, the world had just managed to regain a foothold on its axis after the split of Atomic Kitten. 'We' were 'all' wondering what the girls would do next. Thankfully, Vicky was there to tell us. Ready?

She will release her debut single in August (2004). Nope, it was more than a year later that any solo material appeared.

She was the first signing to ex-Atomic Kitten manager Martin O'Shea's record label 'Integral'. Nope. The label was called 'Integral RPM' for a start, and had 5 other acts signed to it at the time the article was written. Nor was the label "...hastily set up..." - it had been running for over a year at that point.

Record label called in ex-Deconstruction Records man Keith Blackhurst to help out. He was already involved in the label before Ms Frost was signed.

Jenny's ex-bandmate Liz McLarnon was being wooed by two major labels and due to be signed by BMG "...within days...". Never happened - she signed to independent dance label All Around The World (the same one Jenny Frost ended up on funnily enough) and didn't release any material until 2006.

That was quite a bad one, Vic!

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