Monday, 27 November 2006

Mine Mine Mine


As mentioned in the original "mission statement", Ms Newton has a habit of putting the word "my" before photographers, cameramen, Photoshop experts and entire websites, trying to convince us she has a small army of paps and experts at her beck and call. These brief interludes will demonstrate.,,2004580002-2006550183,00.html

Lindsey Lohan and Paris Hilton - "The two had a screaming row outside Paris's Hollywood mansion - and my video crew were there to catch it all. The argument started when Lindsay left a party her rival was throwing - telling my video crew that "Paris Hilton is crazy" and had elbowed and thrown a drink over her."

So this "my" video crew will be independent news agency SplashNews will it? Pretty easy to work that out considering you've credited them at the end of the article. And yet you still somehow think it's plausible to use possessive adjectives.

P.S. - how do you elbow a drink?

UPDATE 28th November: The wording of the article has now been changed to remove the "my" from the first sentence I quoted above, but not the second. You missed one, Vicky.

(Link: SplashNews)


drycountrygirl said...

Found another one.

Switches came to my studio to play three acoustic numbers.

So not only does she have an army of people at her beck and call, she now also owns a studio!

Darwin said...

Ha! Marvellous. Thankyou. x