Saturday, 25 November 2006

Holly's Soaking Wet Bikini Fight - 24th November 2006,,2004580002-2006540586,00.html

WHEN I put the trailer for HOLLY VALANCE'S new film Dead Or Alive on my website earlier this year thousands of you logged on to watch it. Unfortunately, Miramax have delayed plans to release the film in Europe. But I'll keep bringing you the clips as they come in."

Y website, huh? Anyway, for all the breast-starved video gamers out there, Buena Vista International (Miramax are the film's US distributors) may have delayed plans to release the film in Europe, but not the UK, where it was released in September. Not only have we had the film, it has been and gone from cinemas and is in fact out on DVD here in 6 weeks. From what I can see, the UK is about the only country that has even had the film released yet. So thanks for your effort and concern, but I reckon a full DVD will be slightly more in demand than a few Windows Media clips.

(Link: Buy the DVD)


Nndroid said...

I particularly love the idea of Vicky personally putting the video on "her" website. An image of her coding studiously with her tongue poking out of the corner of her mouth has sprung to mind. Keep up the good work, Vickwatch.

fabulous2.0 said...

Great! Now I have the image of Vicky's tongue seared into my brain. Thanks nndroid! ;)