Tuesday, 28 November 2006

WARNING - Incoming Inappropriate Gloat

Prepare yourselves for tomorrow's Bizarre. Based on first day sales, Take That have indeed knocked 'Pestlife' from the top of the album charts. Selling approximately 47,000 copies yesterday (against Oasis at number 2 with 43,000) this will give Vicky cause to positively explode with the possessive adjectives. MY CAMPAIGN has helped push MY TAKE THAT to the top of MY ALBUM CHART with MY SALES of MY 47,000 MY COPIES. MY BOYS thanked ME ME ME ME ME for all MY HARD WORK.

The best we can hope for is that Take That don't end up at number one on Sunday.

UPDATE 29th November: A suprisingly restrained approach this morning, just a brief mention of the album sales in the middle of a bafflingly long and speculative article based around the fact that Liam Gallagher says "hello" to Gary Barlow if he sees him in the street.


Ryan Jarrett said...

Great site - have you seen HolyMoly - they have a dislike for Vicky too

The Dude said...

hey, you should see http://Xrrf.blogspot.com too.
They run pieces on her mistakes too.