Wednesday, 29 November 2006

Paris Teaches Britney to Strip - 29th November

Paris hits the town.,,2004580002-2006550531,00.html

Another day, another 27 Paris Hilton stories. Unfathomably, this one is a 'Picture Special'. I'm taking it to mean that the solitary picture contained within the article was Photoshopped by someone a bit 'special' as it is surely the worst piece of digital manipulation since, well, that one of Liam Gallagher in Take That from earlier today.

Click the link, take a look. Paris looks like she's auditioning for a part in The Thing.


James said...

I feel so sorry for the person who, on waking up every morning, remembers that it is their job to make the Sun's 'How it Might Look' Photoshop montages. If you hate your job, imagine what it must feel to trudge wearily up the stairs, through the doors, into the office and hear the words "Quick, get your computer going! I've just read in last week's Heat magazine that Nicole Richie wants a Newcastle United strip for Christmas, and I urgently need you to Photoshop one onto her!"

Three years studying Graphic Design and this is the sum total of your efforts. I can't bear to think how the poor sod's job interviews go. "So, you worked at the Sun for five years... Thanks for the portfolio, we were most... Impressed... I particularly liked the mock-up of David Hasselhoff in a Smart car and Noel Gallagher dressed as a traffic warden... So, why do you want to leave exactly?"

fabulous2.0 said...

LOL @ James! Although, looking at that Paris/Britters pic, if the poor sod has 'studied' Graphic Design, they should be ashamed of themselves...